Monday, March 23, 2009


Who can tell what are these? I made them out of boredom, and they are pretty colourful too. Which boils down to today's question: What are these?

Buah Melaka

Hello again. I am quite aware that my blog is turning into a food blog these days. I will not deny the possibility of me turning into a food blogger someday with my peaking interest in cooking. However, I am just a rookie in this field called cooking.

You will see.

Today I will present my version of a kuih called Buah Melaka. There's something odd about this kuih right? Can you tell what is it? Something somewhat off-colour about it. Makes it look like another type of kuih altogether, right?

Korean Seafood Stew

Good day dear readers. So I have been away for quite some time. Not literally away, just mentally away. You know? Alright, let us go straight to today's entry.

This semester, for those who do not know, is the last semester of my life as an undergraduate. Having been in UTP for almost five years is truly an amazing feat. Amazing in the sense that, a considerably large chunk of my life has been spent in Tronoh. Yea, I understand (I can see you shaking your head in disbelief. For someone who is 23 years old, 5 years is 21.74% of their entire lifespan up till now in case you don't have a calculator with you now).

Of course, we are inclined to add a little zest to our bland lives. And even more so, after living in the same house with a person who is fascinated with everything Korean. This stemmed our interest in Korean food. Hence our little experiment(s) (we cooked this approximately three times already). What you see on your left is a seafood stew. We looked up for the recipe from the internet, and so this dish was produced. I especially love the tofu left overnight. All the juices and flavours mysteriously seeped into the tofu after being left overnight, and what we get is delicious tofu.

There is only one drawback though. The three of us (my two housemates) can't really deal with spicy food. We finished everything nonetheless. With eyes watering while chugging down several glasses of water.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am majestically, royally irritated. Please understand that the deletion of the previous post (to those of you lucky enough to have read it) does NOT mean that I feel I am in the wrong. I am just merely being polite. Thank you to those who commented. I do agree wholeheartedly with your views. It sucks being kind. Here is a piece of advice from me: Kindness and consideration is NOT the way to deal with bootlickers. Do not become like me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have a colleague. Her name is Donna.
Donna is kind. Donna is funny.
Donna has the ability to make grey skies sunny.

Donna gave me an angpau during Chinese New Year.
Donna gave me a hug when I panicked.

Donna loves sushi.
Donna is my friend.

Today Donna found out that I own a blog. She requested to be a part of it.
So this entry is dedicated to you, Donna Lim! *gladtomeetsomeonelikeyou*


Longkang (saliran is the nicer name for it.). Drain, in English.

"Drain - The whole system devised to remove surface or subsurface water from the limits of a road."

"Drain - A conduit below the surface of the ground ; pipe of burnt clay, concrete, etc. , in short lengths, used as a conduit in subsurface drainage."

These are among a few definitions of the word "Drain". It is not a significant word. Not a word that is frequently used in conversations. Yet some of us, do use it. In my case, I came across a lot of these during my internship. Drains are somewhat the unsung heroes of structures. You cannot see it, but it's there. And when it's not there, will flood. *trieshardnottogettootechnical*

But what if somebody used the word on you?

Today somebody called me longkang. Yeah. How very intellectual. This somebody seems to have forgotten that he is a smelly, dirty longkang himself. (If that is what you call people who design drainage systems.)

So, yes. I am a longkang. It is amazing how an educated person can blurt out something so mind-bogglingly stupid.


Good evening dear friends! (and readers who are not friends yet, but I hope we will become someday.) As you can see, I have put up a nifty little poll with quite an amusing question for you to answer. Jadi apa tunggu lagi? Vote, jangan tak vote!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Dear readers. Today as I was browsing the channels, something immediately caught my attention and stopped me abruptly from mindlessly pressing the next channel button on the remote control.

A hippo is climbing on a bed. After a blunt groan, the bed fell apart. A man is reprimanding the hippo gently.

Apparently, I was watching Jessica The Hippo on Animal Planet. Yes. The hippo's name is Jessica. I think Jessica the hippo is pretty tiny for a hippo. Probably just a baby. Jessica managed to find her way into the house and wanted to try sleeping on a bed for a change. Heheheh. It's really interesting. I want one. Not a hippo. But a nice, furry little cat will do.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ice-Skating tomorrow

Tomorrow, is ice-skating day with Lynzi and Idit. I feel strangely elated. Let us look forward to it. Lots of pictures will be posted. Tomorrow.

Dangerous Driving

Hello dear readers. I consider myself as an average driver. But lately, I discovered that my levelheadedness level has gone down a few notches. On Thursday, I woke up with something that felt approximately like a cold black rock growing inside my head. Ugh. Horrible headache it was.

Of course I did not feel like going to work. I was not fit to drive anyway. But still, I dragged myself out of bed. Hellbent on NOT skipping work (because if I skip even one day, my salary for the month would probably amount only up to RM2.) Yes dear readers. This silly girl should stay at home in bed, but instead she dragged her sorry ass all the way to work.(please note the usage of the word 'dragged'.) Because of all the dragging, I was late. Which is to be expected, of course.

Just as I was about to enter the highway, a car came swerving into my lane. I hit the brakes. My laptop and bag on the front seat slid down. Shoot. And there it was. What was supposed to be my breakfast: McD apple pie. Now smashed into a gooey flat pulp.

A few minutes later, a stupid car braked suddenly again. I had to brake as well. What made this time so scary was the fact that I was only about a few centimeters from the car in front. The laptop slid down again. Apple pie received a second smashing. That was close!

When I reached the office and finally settled down, the gooey apple pie tasted better than it looked.